Who We Are

Back Office Factory provides online expert accounting, administration and management consultancy services to Zambian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), independent contractors and entrepreneurs through an affordable and accessible electronic platform.

The Market Problem and Our Solution

In order to survive today's competitive business environment, an organisation needs to have the right strategies in place to allow it to focus on its main offerings instead of company functions that are not directly related to its core processes. The key advantage of outsourcing the back-office operations is that it saves the organisation time and effort which in the long run should translate to saving you money. Time is a limited resource, therefore organisations need to focus on the key areas that will bring them the maximum return on investment

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide easily accessible, understandable and affordable online accounting, administration and management consultancy services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), independent contractors and entrepreneurs. The solution aims to provide quality bookkeeping, records management, cost analysis, expenditure tracking, tax and other statutory compliance. The services will assist SMEs in business strategy formation, access to finance facilities, compliance, performance evaluation, cashflow management, and human resource management.

The SMEs and entrepreneurs contribute to economic growth and employment and are particularly vulnerable during the current Coronavirus pandemic resulting in a domino negative impact on various households. SMEs require expert accounting services to manage cashflows and track expenses. Additionally, the Zambian government announced a Ten Billion Kwacha medium-term financing facility to be injected into the banking sector for onward debt relief facilities to companies. Companies accessing this facility need proper book-keeping and prudent cash managed to fully utilise the benefits of this facility. Back-office aims to assist SMEs to survive these trying times and avoid mismanagement of any resources made available. Furthermore, Back Office Factory aims to connect businesses to book-keepers allowing accountants that have become unemployed due to the crisis work on a freelancing basis and earn an income. Lastly, businesses in the informal sector may lack financial literacy and the use of professional accounting services. Through platforms such as the Back Office Factory mobile application, we aim to provide training and awareness on the importance and use of accounting practices such as reconciliation, book-keeping, billing, receipting, expense tracking and cashflow management supporting their structured growth.

We provide customized payment plans to suit the client’s budget. We pair the client with an in-house bookkeeper for personalized service. We provide a user-friendly electronic interface. We also provide reporting for financial performance assessment and credit assessment to assist businesses when accessing financing.

Meet Our Team

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